Why it is important to keep asking questions about investment strategies

I heard it said, not so long ago, that TPR asks ‘silly’ questions. I’ll take the compliment, though I doubt one was intended. It’s one of the nice things about life here, that I get to ask questions. I’ve never (yet?) been so blunt as to ask: “Dear Trustees, what on earth were you thinking of when you set that investment strategy?” But it goes through my mind sometimes, based on pre-meeting paperwork.

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Refinancing in the current economic climate: our expectations of trustees and sponsoring employers

As much of the business world seeks to bounce back from the COVID pandemic, new macroeconomic challenges are presenting themselves that may make refinancing more challenging for sponsoring employers. In his latest blog, David Fairs considers the risks of refinancing to the employer covenant and the actions trustees and sponsoring employers should take to ensure member benefits are protected.

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Protecting savers in 2022: disrupting crime, managing climate risk and embracing diversity

If the pandemic has shown us anything it’s that the future cannot be predicted with any certainty – nobody has that magical crystal ball.

However, come what may, we are committed to striving to ensure all pension savers are protected and the start of 2022 presents an opportunity to look forward to what the new year will bring to workplace pensions.

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