Refreshed guidance for trustees in challenging times

As widely reported in the media, the UK economy has been through significant turbulence recently.

Increasing inflation, interest rates and fuel / energy prices have impacted both businesses and the public alike. In addition, according to the Bank of England’s monthly ‘Money and Credit’ statistics, the level of debt taken on by UK businesses has increased during the pandemic which has reduced resilience and there has been an increase in borrowing by small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Data is king as we deliver for the next generation of pension savers

Much has happened since I became Chief Executive of The Pensions Regulator (TPR) back in 2019, not least the inexorable march towards a new pensions reality in which savers bear far more risk and responsibility for their retirement choices.

That’s why I have made clear from the outset that TPR – working hand in hand with our partners – has a crucial role to play in ensuring those who run pensions help deliver the best possible outcomes for savers. I stand by that commitment.

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Member outcomes: Why it’s time for change  

The days of savers being left in small defined contribution schemes offering some benefits but little value are over, says David Fairs, TPR’s Executive Director of Policy, Analysis and Advice. Instead, it’s time for trustees to take advantage of available support and guidance to increase their skills in relation to investment decisions and take action to enable pension savers to access the investment opportunities that best support good outcomes — whether in their existing scheme or through consolidation.

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